directed by
Santiago Otheguy

Technical data

Language: French
Country: Luxembourg, France
Duration: 120min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions;
Edgar Tenanbaum - Tu Vas Voir (FR);


The day after a shooting in Naples, Matteo is desperate. His little boy is dead. His wife, Giuliana, disappears. He sinks into solitude and, night after night, aboard his empty taxi, roams the streets of the city without reason.

But, one evening, a stranger comes in his car, who offers him to drink in a cafe. Matteo will meet the boss, Garibaldo, of the impenitent pastor Don Mazerotti, and especially Professor Provolone, a colorful character, as erudite as sulfur, who holds strange speeches about the reality of the Underworld. And who wants to go down ...