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Filmland – The one-stop-shopFilmland – The one-stop-shop

Luxemburger Wort, Thierry Hick, 15/03/2013

The Filmland studios in Kehlen, officially presented to the press on Thursday, will offer Luxembourg and international filmmakers a one stop shop for film production in the Grand Duchy.

The studios will provide the Luxembourg film industry with all the latest technologies, several studios, post-production facilities and production offices. But not only Luxembourg filmmakers will profit from the new venture, as it is hoped that the studio will also boost international productions in the country.

The project has been several years in the making. It was initially planned that a former steel site in Dudelange would be converted into a modern studio facility with the help of the Luxembourg state. However, this project was shelved for several reasons. A temporary solution was found at the former TDK factory in Bascharage.


From studio construction to post production

Nicolas Steil of Iris Group was the first to settle down in Kehlen, getting the ball rolling on the project for the new Filmland, after a private investor offered funds to construct new studios, which would then be rented out to production companies.

Luxembourg production companies Iris Group, Bidibul Productions, Samsa Film, Lucil Film, Paul Thiltges Distributions and Tarantula Distribution together founded Filmland SA on May 8, 2012.

Since construction has moved into the final stages, several other production companies have settled on the new site, including DEAL Productions, Juliette Films and Ni Vu Ni Connu Productions. However, not all members of the Luxembourg Union of Audiovisual Production (ULPA) have decided to move to the new site.

Still, the project has managed to attract post-production companies, including Espera, Lux Digital, Nako FX, PTD and Philophon, enabling filmmakers to not only shoot their film in Kehlen, but also do post-production on site.


Promoting synergies between producers

“We have a one stop shop here,” said Steil. “The whole production chain of a film can be done in Kehlen.” The Managing Director is happy about the collaborative nature of the project. “The synergies between the different producers can only be beneficial,” he said.


Considering that some 600 technicians and 40 directors, as well as several production companies and their employees work in the film industry in Luxembourg, the Filmland is sure to be a big step forward in promoting Luxembourg film production in the Grand Duchy and well beyond the country’s borders.

Visit the Filmland Studios page.

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