IRIS GROUP, managed by Nicolas STEIL, brings together production and distribution companies in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium. With its reputation in terms of production and distribution, the group has been a key strategic player in the European film market.

The origin of the group dates back to 1986 when Nicolas Steil set up Iris Productions S.A as one of the first production companies in Luxembourg.

The Iris Group comprises Iris Productions Deutschland in Berlin and Iris Films in Brussels. In 2011, the group invested in Rezo Films, a well-established distribution company in France for over 20 years. The distribution company also operates a production division with Rezo Productions.

Over the years, Iris Group has co-produced more than 100 films with French, Belgian, Swiss, Quebecker, Austrian, Italian, German, Dutch, English and Irish partners. Over the last few years, the group has also focused on the production of TV series.

Since 1986, Iris Group has produced and co-produced over 100 works, sold over 250 films internationally and distributed over 300 films in France.

Iris believes in creative, intelligent, and comprehensive cinema.