One of the biggest cinema industries in the world
Multiple public support schemes available and including CNC, regional funds, Procirep/Angoa, GAN…
Two tax credits: one for French films and the other for foreign productions (“TRIP”)
The offering the opportunity to access Pay TV (Canal+, Ciné+, OCS) and Free TV (France Télévision, Arte, Direct Cinéma etc.) pre-sales / co-productions
A major territory for theatre, DVD and VOD distribution, housing some of the best international sales agents.
Structured financing solutions available through Sofica, TEPA funds and private investors.
Financing outfits (Coficiné, Cofiloisirs and IFCIC) which specialise in financing production cash flow.
The Iris Group has a strong French market presence in production and through Drimage and Rezo Productions and in distribution through Rezo Films, which has a track record for distributing/releasing nearly 200 titles..