The Group

The Iris Group is headed by CEO Nicolas Steil who has produced and co-produced some thirty movies, together with his partners in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Quebec, Italy and the UK. It has for twenty years produced and co-produced award winning live, animated and documentary feature films.

The companies which form part of The Iris Group – Iris Productions (Luxembourg), Drimage (France), Iris Films (Belgium) and Iris Productions Deutschland (Germany) – structures their  financing through established, tried and tested methods such as, national, regional, European funds and available financing on the market, as well as their own funds.

In 2011 the Iris Group and Rezo Films (an independent French feature film production, distribution, international, television and video sales company; headed since 1992 by Jean-Michel Rey), partnered in the creation of Rezo Finance – which will in encompass the activities of Rezo Films and Rezo Productions.

Rezo Finance is based in Luxembourg and will further the ambitions of Rezo Films and the Iris Group through the financing of European films, and by the offering of minimum guarantees and through the acquisition of features films for French distribution and international sales.

The Iris Group presently produces and co-produces five films annually, in the French, German, English or Luxembourgish language, distributes 12 to 15 movies a year and acquires about half a dozen new titles a year for international sales. It believes and defends meaningful and international cinema.