Luxembourg has signed the European Co-production Convention and has individual co-production treaties with several countries such as Canada (and in particular with Québec), and with France, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, amongst others.

If you have an international film or television series, you can find excellent, multi-lingual and very experienced crews in Luxembourg. These are well-trained professionals that boast extensive industry experience, having most worked on all the 300 international productions so far made in the Grand-Duchy.

Where locations are concerned, our country offers an unusual variety of landscapes: forests, valleys, hills, rivers, castles, etc. The countryside is beautiful and can easily double for French, German and Swiss landscapes. Luxembourg city offers a rich combination of the modern and the historic through its impressive contemporary buildings for the 150 banks and European institutions there based; and an ancient panorama with its UNESCO World Heritage listed old town, which is enveloped by towering quarters and fortifications. (See the « Locations » tab)

Our new state-of-the-art film studios Filmland now can support all requirement which you may have for a 2D or 3D animation production. Everything (backgrounds, ink&paint, animation, CGI, post-production, transfer to film, etc.) can now be done in or through Luxembourg!