directed by
Catherine Breillat


Catherine Breillat


Kool Shen

Technical data

Year: 2013
Language: French
Country: France, Luxembourg, Belgium
Duration: 104 min
Producers: Flach Film Production (F)
Nicolas Steil - Iris Films (B)
Distribution: Rezo World Sales
Rezo Films (F)

Awards and festivals

20. Tournées Film Festival

25. Espoo Ciné International Film Festival -  Helsinki, Finland

London Film Festival - 2013

New York Film Festival - 2013


Victim of a cerebral hemorrhage, Maud, filmmaker, wakes up one morning in a half-dead body that leaves her hemiplegic, orphaned by her body and facing an unavoidable loneliness. Vilko, a thug in a smart suit, a celebrity scammer, goes on TV during a night talk show. He is arrogant and bursts the screen with superb. Maud sees it. She wants it for her next movie. They meet. He will not leave her anymore. She too, scams him, borrows astronomical sums that mean nothing to her. He takes everything but gives her a cheerfulness, a family. This film tells the abuse of weakness of which Maud is victim. The abuse of weakness is a criminal qualification, but it is also of an extreme, irresistible sweetness.