directed by
Franziska Buch


Martin Rauhaus


Nicole Max

Technical data

Year: 2013
Language: German
Country: Germany, Luxembourg, France
Duration: 100 min
Producers: Wüste Film West (D);
Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions;
Drimage (F);
Distribution: The Match Factory;
Rezo Films

Awards and festivals

Best Screenplay Award, German Film Festival, Ludwigshafen

Official Competition at the Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal - 2013

Silver Meliès - Fantastic Film Festival of Amsterdam

Internation Critic Award & Jury Award (ex-Aequo), 12th Gérardmer Fanstatic Film Festival

Ctirique Week, Cannes - 2014

Ludwigshafen Festival des deutschen Films - 2013

Clevelant International Film Festival  - 2014


Investment bank manager Frank meets chaotic writer Patrizia. Both are in a great hurry to leave for France, for different reasons. When everything seems to collapse around them, new paths reveal themselves, resulting in love, friendship and the all-consuming need to write... Life's mystery will offer each and everyone a ticket to a better future or to another life altogether...