directed by
Jean-Paul Lilienfeld


based on the book


Yann Ebonge

Technical data

Year: 2013
Language: French
Country: France, Luxembourg
Duration: 99min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions
Jean-Michel Rey - Rezo Productions (F)
Iris Films (BE)
Distribution: Rezo World Sales
Rezo Films

Awards and festivals

Varilux French Cinema Festival - 2013
Cinemani Film Festival - 2013


One evening, a woman goes to a police station to confess the murder of her abusive husband, committed many years ago. Only the most continuously Police questioned the woman, she knows more than his life, the less it wants to stop. Why is this woman that nobody suspected she absolutely wants to be convicted? Why does the police she absolutely not stop? One of the two will win. But what does it mean to win in such circumstances?