directed by
Raphaël Jacoulot


Raphaël Jacoulot


Vincent Rottiers

Technical data

Year: 2010
Language: French
Country: France, Luxembourg
Duration: 104min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions;
Mon Voisin Productions (F)
Distribution: TF1 DA

Awards and festivals

Cinémania 2011, Sélection Officielle -  Canada - 2011;
City of Lights, City of Angels (Col-Coa), Los Angeles - United States - 2011;
Festival International du Film de Münich - Germany - 2011


Frederic is a young man in social rehabilitation. He has managed to find an internship in an important hotel, isolated in the mountain. One night, he sees his boss, Jacques Couvreur, and his son Arnaud, who are hiding a car in the hotel’s parking. The day after, Frederic learns that a client has hastily left the hotel…