directed by
Donato Rotunno


based on the novel Amok from Tullio Forgiarini

Technical data

Year: 2014
Language: Luxembourgish
Country: Luxembourg, Belgium
Duration: 98 min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions; Iris Films (BE)
Distribution: Iris Productions

Awards and festivals

OSCARS: In competition for Best Foreign Film; European Film Promotion

AFP Beverly Hills - United States - 2015

Selected at the European Union Film Festival: Ottawa 18/11 et 20/11 Gala Evening , Vancouver 27/11 , Toronto - Canada - 2011

Official competition for Best Screenplay at the Trophées Francophones du Cinéma 2015 à Abidjan - 2012

Selected at the Festival du Film d'Education Evreux - 2012

Selected at the Quinzaine du Cinéma Francophone Paris - France - 2010

In Competition for the International Film Festival ode Goa - 20-30/2011

Selected at the Clones Film Festival Irelande -  22-25/10

Closing Film at the Luxembourg City Film Festival - Luxembourg -2015

In Official Competition at the 16th International Film Festival Stockholm - Sweden - 2015

In Official Competition at the Brussels Film Festival - Belgium - 2015


This story does not happen in shanty towns or in a world of exotic poverty in hot countries. The story of Baby (a) lone happens in the heart of a modern Europe. A Europe that has made the bet to offer everything to future generations. And yet it does not work as expected.

They are only 13 years old and know everything about violence, drugs and pornography. They live all this in their nearest universe, the most common: their school.

Among these children without landmarks, these children who grow up too quickly, a couple will be formed. Because two people feel less alone, maybe even feel understood. Our very young teenagers will try on their adventure to create a world of illusion and hope. A flight forward for no other purpose than the search for love of which they are hopelessly lacking. A brutal and violent leap forward that marks their lives with moments of childlike happiness such as they have never known.