directed by
Michael Glawogger


Michael Glawogger


Detlev Buck

Technical data

Year: 2009
Language: German
Country: Austria, Germany, Luxembourg
Duration: 90 min
Producers: Lotus-Film GmbH (A)
Boje Buck Produktion GmbH (D)
Ozumi Films (PL)
Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions
Distribution: ORF (A); Filmladen (A)
Delphi (D)
Iris Productions (Luxembourg)
The Match Factory (worldwide)

Awards and festivals

Festival de Karovy Vary - Czech republic - 2009


Hans and Max would like to corner the local hot dog market, whereas Harry would prefer to be pampered by his muscular auto mechanics. But a bag with mysterious contents interrupts everyone's plans, and the group of improbable thieves and gangsters suddenly find themselves in Poland's Drogomysl.

A comedy of absurd situations and misunderstandings.