directed by
Frank Henry


Frank Henry


Isabelle Adjiani
Eric Cantona
Simon Abkarian
Thierry Frémont
Anne Consigny
Lin Dan Pham

Technical data

Year: 2011
Language: French
Country: France, Luxembourg, Belgium
Duration: 97min
Producers: Marilyn Productions (F)
Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions
Iris Films (BE)
Distribution: Rezo Films (France)
uFilm (Belgium, Netherlands)
Studio 37 (Tout le monde sauf France, Belgium, Netherlands)

Awards and festivals

Nominated at Chistera for Best Film;

Nominated at Chistera for Best Director;

Nominated for the Chistera of the Public;

Nominated for the Chistera of the Youth Jury at the International Festival of Young Directors of Sain Jean Luz


Manuel Makarov, well-known bank robber and member of a criminal gang, is waiting for conditional freedom after 7 years spent in jail. One day, Clara Damico, Head of the Organized Crime Division, comes to him with a deal to offer ...