directed by
Andy Bausch


Jean-Louis Schlesser


Marco Lorenzini

Technical data

Year: 2006
Language: German
Country: Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein
Duration: 92 min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions
Carac Films (CH)
Ruth Waldburger - Wega-Filmproduktion (A)
Distribution: Paul Thiltges Distribution (Luxembourg)
Frenetic Film AG (Switzerland and Liechtenstein)


Ronnie Vandella is the owner of a frozen food company in a sleepy village in Moselle. His feelings seem to be as frozen as his products. Then, one day a marvellous being arrives in the village. But with Zoya’s arrival strange things begin to happen. Everyone who tries to poke around in Zoya’s past either dies or disappears.