directed by
Stephan Rick


Stephan Rick


Jürgen Prochnow

Technical data

Year: 2015
Language: German
Country: Germany, Luxembourg
Duration: 100min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions
Port-au-Prince (D)
Distribution: Alamode Film


Urs Blank, a prominent business lawyer specializing in corporate mergers, is looking for new horizons. He believes he finds a young hippie Lucille a way to respond to the identity crisis he's going through. During a ceremony in the forest, the young woman introduces him to hallucinogenic mushrooms, and suddenly everything changes. Urs eats a little-known mushroom with effects as dreadful as unexpected. His associates are starting to worry about the firm's reputation as Urs has to pilot a big pharmaceutical merger. Obsessed by his metamorphosis, Urs flees their universe to spend his time in the forest while he lets himself be won by impulses more and more violent ...