directed by
Christophe Lamotte


Christophe Lamotte


Pierre Perrier

Technical data

Year: 2014
Language: French
Country: France, Luxembourg, Belgium
Duration: 100min
Producers: Hugo Productions (F)
Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions; Iris Films (BE)
Distribution: Rezo Films

Awards and festivals

Festival du Film de la Réunion - 2014
Festival International du Film des Arcs - 2014


Fifty-year-old Daniel Vernant, an ex-cop turned debt collector, fulfills his “dirty work” without emotion or tact. One winter’s day, on a roadside restaurant car park, eighteen year old Laura asks him to give her a lift. He accepts. As they are driving along, she offers her “services” for cash. A furious Daniel throws her out of the car. The next day, Daniel goes to see Mrs Savielli to collect her instalment. The old woman is worried. Her granddaughter, with whom she lived, has been missing for two days. Daniel recognises Laura from a photograph. Terribly troubled, he offers to help the old woman.