directed by
Robi Engler


Peter Lawrence

Technical data

Year: 2003
Language: German
Country: Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland
Duration: 75min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions (LU)
Rolf Schmid - Fama Films (CH)
Peter Schaumlechner - Impuls Home Entertainment (CH)
Tony Loeser - MotionWorks (DE)
Distribution: Central Film Verleih (International)
PTD (Luxembourg)
Parental advice: Tout public

Awards and festivals

Meilleur Long-Métrage d'Animation - Bimini Festival of Animated Films (2005)


Teenagers Lucinda and Benji are rock musicians. When the villain, Maestro, steals Benji's shadow, the boy can no longer play a note. Worse, he begins, physically, to fade away. The heroic parrot, Globi, tracks Maestro to a subterranean Gothic opera house, where he discovers that Maestro steals musicians shadows in order to control all the world's music. Globi and his friends must reunite the shadows with their musicians, and so save all the world's music.