directed by
Léa Pool


Léa Pool


Andrée Lachapelle

Technical data

Year: 2010
Language: French
Country: Canada, Luxembourg
Duration: 92 min
Producers: Lyla Films (CA)
Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions
Distribution: Les Films Séville Pictures (worldwide except Luxembourg)
Iris Productions (Luxembourg)

Awards and festivals

In official competition at Shanghai International Film Festival - China - 2010

Quebec Cinema Rendez-vous - Canada - 2010
* Festival opening night

Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival - Brazil - 2010

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival - Estonia - 2010

Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival - Turkey - 2011

Monterrey Film Festival - Mexico - 2011

National Cinematheque - Mexico - 2011

Francophonie Day - Brazil - 2012

The evening of Jutra - Canada - 2012
* Nomination - Best Actor - Jacques Godin
* Nomination - Best Supporting Actress - Isabelle Miquelon
* Nomination - Best Supporting Actor - Yves Jacques
* Nomination - Best Picture Editing - Michel Arcand


When old age marks too much of one's loved ones, what attitude can family members adopt?

During a family Christmas dinner, the Lévesque family meets in order to spend quality time together. However, a major topic of conversation spoils the festive atmosphere : the health of the father of this family who is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He is a prisoner of his own body and of the strict instructions of his doctors; every piece of bread he brings to his mouth makes his children tremble. What to do when you are in the presence of someone to whom all pleasures are prohibited? During the following months, the family is divided: on the one hand, the “doctors” who approve the recommendations of the neurologist and want to avoid any overeating. On the other hand the “Buddhists” who preferred to preserve a quality and dignity of life to the father, rather than giving in to relentless therapy ... But the astonishing love of the mother for her husband, the complicity of André, his eldest son, and of his grandson Sam will bring the longly missed happiness to the father.