directed by
Andy Bausch


Jean-Louis Schlesser


Camillo Felgen

Technical data

Year: 2001
Language: Luxembourgish
Country: Luxembourg - Switzerland
Duration: 97min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions (LU);
Rolf Schmid - Fama Films (CH)
Distribution: Iris Productions (LU & International)
Parental advice: For Everyone


The story is set in the industrial south of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The decline of the steel industry has left a wake of unemployment, but the state is determined to re-train all the scrapped steelworkers. There is, however, a pocket of resistance!

The Unemployment Club.

To be a member of this exclusive band, you must be unemployed swear not to look for employment commit to remain unemployed at all costs stay off the books forever and work harder at remaining out of work than ever you did when you were in work.

A bittersweet comedy about a band of marginal cozily ensconced in the Welfare State. Love. Hatred. Treachery. Humor. The Unemployment Club may be a small picture but it deals in big emotions. And asks provocative questions.