Directed by
Laura Mora


Laura Mora
Maria Camila Arias


Iduan Ferley Higuita Lopez
Davinson Andres Florez
Cristian Camilo David Mora

Technical data

Year: 2022
Language: Spanish
Country: Colombia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, France
Duration: 90
Producers: Cristina Gallego - Ciudad Lunar
Nicolas Steil, Katarzyna Ozga - Iris Productions
Edgard Tenembaum, Pilar Peredo - Tu Vas Voir
Regina Garcia Solorzano - Talipot Studio
Elisa Fernanda Pirir, Maria Ekerhovd - Mer Film


Five young men from Medellin embark on a journey to the Colombian Bajo Cauca to claim a piece of land that one of them has inherited. On their odyssey to the land where they can finally be free, they will confront violence and discover beauty. They will celebrate life and friendship, but they will not be able to escape the fate the world has in store for them.