Directed by
Léa Pool


Michel-Marc Bouchard

Technical data

Year: 2024
Language: French, English, Persian, Arabic
Country: Luxembourg, Canada
Producers: Lyla Films, François Tremblay (CA)
Iris Productions, Katarzyna Ozga (LU)
Distribution: Les Films Opale, Christian Larouche (CA)


The Hero's Outfit tells the story of Saad, a young Moroccan illegal immigrant who, together with his Iranian lover Reza, attempts the perilous journey to North American. As soon as they arrive in Montreal, Saad is called upon to save his lover from certain deportation to Iran, where a likely death awaits him. In a desperate ploy, Saad manages to seduce a Canadian immigration official. This impromptu romance brings him closer to the North American dream he idealized on the beaches of Tangier but it also undermines his heroic mission. L'Habit du héros deals with a subject rarely explored in cinema: the immigration of LGBTQ+ refugees.