Directed by
Claude Lahr


Claude Lahr

Technical data

Year: 0
Language: German, French
Country: Luxembourg, France
Duration: 52' TV - 90' theater
Producers: Iris Productions (LU)
Screenshot Productions (FR)


A privileged witness to the first half of the 20th century, Norbert Jacques, a Luxembourg-born writer who immigrated to Germany, is the creator of Dr. Mabuse, the most famous of archetypal villains. The novel has been translated into almost every language, and the film made by the famous Fritz Lang remains one of the great classics of cinematic art to this day. While his hero has gone down in history, Jacques, accused after the war of collaboration with the Nazi occupiers, has been completely forgotten in his homeland, a country with which he maintained a lifelong love-hate relationship.

Who really was this character, whose eventful career is full of shadows and contradictions? Between his unbridled literary creation - some 50 works - his epicureanism and obvious opportunism, could there be a path from Norbert Jacques to Mabuse?