directed by
Claire Devers


Claire Devers


Pascale Arbillot

Technical data

Year: 2018
Language: French
Country: Belgium, Canada, France
Duration: 113min
Producers: Nicolas Steil - Iris Films (BE);
Dominique Besnehard & Antoine Le Carpentier - Mon Voisin Productions (F);
Richard Lalonde - Forum Films (CA);
Distribution: Axia Films Distribution (Quebec)

Awards and festivals

Cinémania 2018, Francophone Film Festival (Montreal)


The countryside was beautiful when Georges and Emma decided to settle there. Married for five years, they hope a lot for this move away from the oppressive downtown.

Today, however, the cartons are still not unpacked and Emma's meager vegetable plantations have still not grown. Georges teaches French in a private school without stories in Montreal. The teaching hours sometimes seem a little long but his new life appeals to him! It is the omen that luck will smile at him.

One evening, George surprises Zack, a young teenager from the area who has introduced himself to his home. He did not steal anything, it seems, just wandered around the house.

He likes that, Zack, searching people, seeing how they live. Georges sees this kid out of school project finally at the height of his aspirations and offers private lessons. Papless and illiterate kid, Zack just met the one who can save him. George, this is Zack's luck! And Zack, George's luck!

But exaltation trumps all prudence. And after the explosion of a revolver shot in an autumn night, all love, family ties, friendships or simple neighborhood ... will explode to recompose a new order. Maybe not better but more sincere and human.