directed by
Christoph Stark


Ursula Mauder


Rainer Bock

Technical data

Year: 2011
Language: German
Country: Austria, Luxembourg, Germany
Duration: 94min
Producers: Eclypse Filmpartner (A)
Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions
Film-Line Productions (D)
Distribution: Iris Productions (Luxembourg);
Camino Filmverleih (Germany)

Awards and festivals

Max Ophüls Preis for the Best Young Actress for Peri Baumeister, at the Max Ophüls Preis - Germany - 2012

Österreichischer Filmpreis - Austria - 2012

Official Selection at the Max Ophüls Preis, section "Saarbrücker Premieren" - Germany - 2012

German Gems San Fransisco - United States - 2012

Munich International Film Festival - Germany - 2011

Moscow International Film Festival - Russia - 2011

Luxembourg City Film Festival - Luxembourg - 2011


The true story of an impossible love…
Georg and Grete Trakl are siblings. She’s a highly gifted pianist, he will become one of the major expressionist poets. Determined, desperate, torn apart between guilt, burning love, social pressure and mad desire, they find themselves incapable of resisting the prohibited passion which transcends and destroys them.