Directed by
Kasia Adamik


Sandra Buchta
Kasia Adamik

Technical data

Year: 2024
Language: English, Polish
Country: Luxembourg, Poland, United Kingdom
Duration: 100 min
Producers: Nicolas Steil, Katarzyna Ozga, Iris Productions (LU)
Olga Chajdas, Wild Mouse Pictures (PL)
Samantha Taylor, Film and Music Entertainment (UK)
Stanisław Dziedzic, Film Produkcja (PL)
Distribution: Visit Films (USA)


Warsaw, December 13, 1981: Overnight, a country turns into a prison. Taxis have been replaced by tanks. Citizens are treated like criminals. And a British professor, Gillian Andrews who just arrived the night before, finds herself lost like a rat in a maze, trapped in an anonymous satellite town.

When she witnesses the murder of a student (the brother of her contact in Warsaw) by an officer of the secret police Gillian becomes a target – and, involuntarily, takes a stand on the side of David battling Goliath.

Isolated and without any means of communication she is left to rely on intuition, survival instinct and imagination. She has to outsmart a totalitarian regime and its communication ban by smuggling photographs incriminating the regime out of Poland.