Directed by
Carlo Vogele


Isabelle Andrivet

Technical data

Year: 2027
Language: French, English
Country: Luxembourg, Belgium, France
Producers: Iris Productions (LU)
Iris Films (BE)
Rezo Productions (FR)
Morgane Group (FR)


Former Opera star Marcello Tucci is an old and bitter Lion: scowling in his bathrobe, he endures his wife’s mothering, resents the generation embodied by his son, and envies the success of his former peer, the diva Guacamole James.

When Galore, a young popstar Zebra and his son's new companion, announces a glittering concert in the ruins of the Opera House, Marcello roars: The pride of his old stage persona Il Predatore won’t allow it!

But the cunning conductor Maurice Memento offers Marcello a chance at redemption and repairing the broken bonds with his loved ones. With the stroke of a baton, Marcello is transformed into a young Lioness!