directed by
Serge Bozon


Odile Barski


Aymen Saïdi

Technical data

Year: 2013
Language: Français
Country: France, Luxembourg, Belgium
Duration: 100 min
Producers: Les Films Pélléas (F)
Nicolas Steil - Iris Productions, Iris Films (B)
Distribution: Rezo World Sales
Rezo Films (F)

Awards and festivals

Directors' Fortnight - 2013
* SACD Prize
* Art Cinema Award
* Europa Cinema Label

La Rochelle International Film Festival - France - 2013

Biel French Film Festival - Switzerland - 2013

Cologne Conference - International Film and TV Festival - Germany - 2013

Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival - Portugal - 2013

Rendezvous with French Cinema - United States - 2014

Wiesbaden Filmfest - Germany

Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig - Germany

Melbourne International Film Festival - Australia

San Francisco international Film Festival - United States - 2014

Paris Cinema 2013


A little hill, a little lake, a little suburb. White interiors, nocturnal exteriors. Two women faced with exterior hostility and interior demons. Serge Bozon plays around with all these elements in a way which is reminiscent of Alfred Hitcock's ''The Trouble With Harry'', taking us into an English type of comic-thriller.