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CREDO – Iris Productions is coproducing the first TV series by Christian Schwochow

CREDO – Iris Productions is coproducing the first TV series by Christian Schwochow

Over six episodes, director Christian Schwochow is taking us to an incredible journey into the extreme and complex system of international finance. The series takes a look at the fascinating world of the high finance and the people who are ready to jeopardize the financial security of a whole country just because of economic benefits and personal ambitions. For different reasons and with a true personal commitment, they are looking for gratefulness as they hold the financial world.

The series tells the story of JANA LIEKAM (Paula Beer), a higly talented young investment banker, who’s working at Crédit International, a major international bank based in Luxembourg. After she has been fired because of one of her coworker’s fault, her former boss, CHRISTELLE LEBLANC (Désirée Nosbusch), helps her to get hired at the Deutsche Global Invest in Frankfurt. Leblanc also is the one who’s offering her an appealing and risky business. Very impressed by this project, Jana’s new boss, GABRIEL FENGER (Barry Atsma), decides to let her be in charged of it.

Jana ends up under an oppressive pressure that keeps growing. The deal has to be concluded in time and her work team slowly turns against her. At the same time, she has to pay her debt to Leblanc who is more and more challenging her. As Jana understands who’s actually pulling the strings behind the scenes, she decides to counterattack even if it may be dangerous not only for her own life but also for the German Bank.

A few words from director Christian Schwochow : “CREDO is about the biggest humans vices such as euphoria, addictions, narcissism and about advancement and fail. It also is about the fascinating idea that some people can co-manage the fate of the whole world. The series tells about general destruction and about self-destruction. It also relates a system which produces sick people, and which is, for that reason, in constant danger and destined for collaboration and fail. The bank becomes a metaphor of the competitive modern society in the highly concentrated form. The final aim is to confront the audience with itself – its desires, fears and greed.”

 The origin of the series from the producers’ point of view :

” The 2008 financial crisis had long term consequences leaving us with a feeling of curiosity and uncertainty. We became aware that we are living in a not controllable system.. For all these reasons, we wanted understand what’s behind the scenes of a financial institution such as a bank and how does it work. The idea behind it was to enter into this closed world in order to review it from the inside, with a prejudice-less eye. This implied years of researches a group of experts and different exchanges at every level of the financial world. For this project, we had the chance to work with the best filmmakers of the young generation. On the one hand, with author Oliver Kienle, who has a taste for extreme and ambivalent characters, and on the other hand with remarkable director Christian Schwochow which characters stand out because of their trueness and sensitiveness.”

 The series  stare Paula Beer (Best Young Actor Award at Venice Film Festival for her leading role in FRANZ), Désirée Nosbusch, Barry Atsma, Tobias Moretti, Mai Duong Kieu, Albrecht Abraham Schuch, Marc Limpach, Germain Wagner and Jörg Schüttauf. Oliver Kienle had written the scripts, in Writing Room with Jana Burbach and Jan Galli.

CREDO (working title) is a coproduction between Germany and Luxembourg, produced by LETTERBOX Filmproduktion (producer Lisa Blumenberg) coproduced by IRIS Productions S.A. (producer Nicolas Steil), supported by the Film Fund Luxembourg, the Hessen Film und Medien GmbH and the German Motion Picture Fund. Federation Entertainment, Paris, is handling world sales. The TV channels ZDF (Caroline von Senden, Alexandra Staib) and ARTE (Andreas Schreitmüller, Uta Cappel) also are our partners.


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