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Directed by Dennis Bots, STORM – LETTER OF FIRE had been selected at Het Jeugdfilmfestival of Vlaanderen (Belgium) and at BUFF of Malmö (Sweden). It also had its Premiere on Saturday March 11th within the 7th edition of the Luxembourg City Film Festival.

Thanks to the international sales agent Incredible Film, STORM had already been sold in several countries in Europe and all around the world. It has been released in the Netherlands on January 19th (Dutch FilmWorks) and in Flanders on March 1st (Jekino). The German and Luxembourgish releases has occurred nearly at the same time: the Luxembourgish release was on March 22nd (Iris Distribution) and the German one on March 23rd (Farbfilm Verleih).

The movie is situated in historical Antwerp during the first years of the Reformation. The 12-year old Storm the son of Klaas gets involved in a twisted adventure when his father Klaas, gets arrested for secretely printing reading material of Martin Luther, which was strictly forbidden by the Roman Catholic Church. Storm’s life changes over night after his father’s arrestment, he runs away with the printing plate of the forbidden letter. In his hopeless situation, Storm meets the orphan Marieke, who lives in the catacombs of the city. Storm and Marieke are racing against time to free Storm’s father from the pyre. Will they be there to help him in time? Who else Storm can still trust? What starts as an exciting escape becomes a real brave fight for freedom.

Young Davy Gomez stars Storm, the hero of the film. The girl, Marieke, is played by Juna de Leeuw. Storm’s parents, Klaas and Cecilia, are starred by Yorick van Wageningen and Angela Schijf. The Luxembourgish actors Luc Feit, Germain Wagner and Gabriel Boisante also starred in the film as Herman, Schmidt and Martin Luther.

STORM is a production of Phanta Vision (NL) Iris Productions (LUX) and Bulletproof Cupid (BE).