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End of shooting for “18 -Clash of Futures”

End of shooting for “18 -Clash of Futures”

After 3 months of filming in Luxembourg, Belgium and France, the fiction series “18 – CLASH OF FUTURES” (8 x 52 minutes) is now in post-production.

Written by showrunner Jan Peter and co-director Frédéric Goupil, as well as Camilla Ahlrgen and Jean-Louis Schlesser, “18” is a co-production between Looks Film and TV (Germany), Les Films d’Ici (France), Iris Productions Luxembourg and Iris Films (Belgium).

Combining fictional images with carefully selected archival images, “18” tells the story of 14 emblematic characters from France, Germany, Poland, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and Italy during the time between both World Wars.

All while trying to understand how, after the 20 million deaths of the “War to End All Wars”, it all lead to the Second World War and its 60 million deaths.

23 shooting locations, 90 sets, 120 actors from 12 countries, 700 extras, 900 costumes from 7 countries and characters from 8 countries.

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