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Currently in preparation, the shooting of the docu-fiction series « 18 – CLASH OF FUTURES » (8 x 52 minutes) will start on April 5th 2017 in Luxembourg. The shooting is going to take place in Luxembourg, Belgium and France for two months.

« 18 – CLASH OF FUTURES » is written by Jan Peter, Fréderic Goupil, Camilla Ahlgren and Jean-Louis Schlesser. Peter and Goupil are also the showrunners of the series. « 18 » is a coproduction between Looks Film & TV (Germany), Les Films d’Ici (France), Iris Productions, Iris Films (Belgium) and Arte France.

The show includes fictional images as well as archive material. The series is telling the personal stories of fourteen people from different European places such as France, Germany, Poland, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and Italy. The series takes place in the 1920´s during the period between the two World Wars. It is starring Michalina Olszanska, Jan Krauter, Joël Basman, Luc Feit, Natalia Witmer, Claude de Demo and André Jung.