Nicolas Steil


Pierre Majerus

Technical data

Year: 2024
Language: English
Country: Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Poland
Duration: 6x52min
Producers: Iris Productions (LU)
Syrreal Entertainment GmbH (DE)
Topkapi Films (NL)
Enter Film (PL)
Iris Productions Deutschland (DE)


Europe, 2040. National states have been replaced by European institutions which now hold all the political, military and police power. The Union exercises its authority with unbridled brutality. Europe is now one of the great world powers.

AART VAN WESTERHUIZEN, 47, a former member of the military, is Superintendent at Europol, the European police force with jurisdiction over the entire Union. His teammate NINA BITTMANN, 33, is a data analyst with brains and beauty in spades. She is the main interface with THERESA, the Union’s central all-powerful and interactive computer.

Aart and Nina are conducting an investigation into the murder of VITO PAZZI – an influential Member of European Parliament (MEP) a month away from a critical vote on the new European constitution. The duo is soon hot on the heels of a suspect but then discover growing evidence that suggests the digital data trail has been tampered with…