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The Iris Group seems to be well launched in the international series market: At its last session, the Selection Committee of Film Fund Luxembourg granted a financial support for production (CREDO 6 x 52 min) and development (LORELEI 6 x 52 min) of international series of the Group.

At its last session, the Selection Committee of Film Fund Luxembourg has decided, for the first time ever in Luxembourg, to grant a financial support for the production of an international series. CREDO (6 x 52 min) is a co-production between Letterbox Filmproduktion (DE) and Iris Productions, in association with ZDF – the German TV channel – and Arte. The shooting is planned for autumn and winter of this year.

From now on, the Iris Group seems to be well launched in the series market as at the same session the Fund also granted a development support for another series: LORELEI (6 x 52 min.). This French-German series evolves around the Rhine and the Lorelei’s legend.

We can also notice that 18 (8 x 52 min.), an other series co-developed by the Iris Group, is about to be done writing. The shooting is planned for beginning 2017.

« Credit » comes from the Latin word CREDO – I believe, I trust. For centuries, the financial transaction notion is based on trust – which is something immaterial and unreal. But what happen when this trust notion is lost ? We do experience today what is actually happening inside the financial world. It is hardly different from what happen when we loose self-confidence, when we loose our own identity: we live an existential shake.

 18 tells the journey of Europe between 1918 and 1936 – between peace and war, hope and hatred, democracy and totalism. With this series, we would like to talk about the inter-war period which is a moment of questioning about this civilisation – who failed by killing ten million people – a moment of questioning about a group of human being who wanted reconstruction and who was worth living and dying after such a disaster. What kind of human – in which social and political frame – can arise from the Great War?

 Is it possible to prevent past to show up again? This is the main logline of LORELEI. With this series we propose a kind of anticipation by imagining a Rhine FBI. Through the invention of the Rhine Intervention Group, we would like to whip up the alluvium and the mud to point out, by fiction, what we do not want to have anymore: a corrupted Europe, the lack of common justice, the careless of human being and of its achievement.